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Club Marin Reserves

First Division, 2012

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Team News

After several years of making its way up from the original 3rd Division Club Marin's Reserves in 2010 promoted themselves into the Major Division. Then they let things slip and players became flakey along with injuries and they found themselves back in the 1st division with a host of arch rivals once again. Bob Martinez our former Premier coach has returned to take the reigns with a large core remaining with its six plus year core of the team staying intact. This team has been the center point of the club in recent years as they have fought for promotion while our Premier team suffered from inconsistency. 2012 saw them only lose one game in their first 12.  The end of the season was disappointing.  Key positions didn't fulfill their season commitment and it cost the team promotion.  The team is in search of players who can be there as much in the end as in the beginning.  

Team History

We've been in SFSFL since 2005 while our Premier team has been since 1982.  We are always competitive and could have promoted if key players didn't flake during our last six results.  Our core group has been together since the beginning and still are the heart beat of our accolades.  We continue to search for players who can make the full season commitment so we can find ourselves back in the major division where we believe we should be playing.  But that takes a few more players committed to training and games.  We are cofident we will be in the race for the title this year. 

Team Recruiting

Posted : February 5th, 2013 Club Marin

Currently we are looking for a ***Keeper***  We train with our Premier team on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm in Berkeley.  We have car pools going from both Marin & San Francisco to training.  Trainings will change to Wednesdays in March. A second day of training will be available once the light changes in Marin.  

If you are with another team and want goalie specific training we will provide you with this at our session for $5.00.  We work on goalie specific training any days we have keepers.  

If interested please contact the coach Bob Martinez : bobmart21@gmail.com

Team Schedule

Sun Mar. 11 12:45 Polo Field 1 Kezar FC W 4-2 league scheduled
Sun Mar. 18 9:00 Polo Field 2 Melchester Rovers D 1-1 league scheduled
Sun Mar. 25 9:00 Polo Field 1 Berenice Reserves

league scheduled
Sun Apr. 1 10:45 Polo Field 1 SF Celtic Reserves

league scheduled
Sun Apr. 15 10:45 Polo Field 2 SF Vikings SC L 2-3 league scheduled
Sun Apr. 22 9:00 Polo Field 1 SC Bosnjaci W 2-0 league scheduled
Sun Apr. 29 12:45 Polo Field 1 Real Sao Paulo D 4-4 league scheduled
Sun May. 6 10:45 Polo Field 2 SF Corinthians W 5-2 league scheduled
Sun May. 13 10:45 Polo Field 1 MC FC D 1-1 league scheduled
Thu May. 17 6:30 Crocker Amazon 2 Melchester Rovers

league scheduled
Sun Jun. 3 12:45 Beach Chalet 1 Kezar FC W 6-0 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 10 9:00 Beach Chalet 2 Melchester Rovers D 1-1 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 17 10:45 Beach Chalet 1 Berenice Reserves W 7-4 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 24 9:00 Beach Chalet 1 SF Celtic Reserves W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 1 10:45 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Vikings SC W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 8 10:45 Polo Field 1 SC Bosnjaci L 0-1 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 15 2:45 Crocker Amazon 3 Real Sao Paulo W 4-2 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 22 10:45 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Corinthians D 0-0 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 29 9:00 Polo Field 1 MC FC D 1-1 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 5 12:45 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Celtic Reserves L 1-2 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 12 10:45 Crocker Amazon 3 Berenice Reserves W 10-0 league scheduled
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Division Standings

First Division, 2012

Melchester Rovers 18 11 4 3 0 50 26 24 36

MC FC 18 10 2 6 0 46 31 15 36

Club Marin Reserves 18 9 3 6 0 53 26 27 33

Real Sao Paulo 18 8 7 3 0 51 41 10 27

Kezar FC 18 8 9 1 0 34 43 -9 25

SF Celtic Reserves 18 5 10 3 0 28 36 -8 18

SC Bosnjaci 18 5 10 3 0 33 51 -18 18

SF Corinthians 18 5 12 1 0 31 60 -29 16

Berenice Reserves 18 2 16 0 0 27 68 -41 6
Sorted by - Pts, GD, GF, GA

Team Roster

J. Caniglia I. Nana
J. Cristea Ionut M. Nana
D. Fernandez Q. Nana
J. Garcia M. Rico
M. Guillen J. Schwartz
Y. Hansia S. Sewell
E. Lopez B. Tougher
B. Martinez J. Wallace
J. Miyasato