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Majors Division, 2015

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It started with a 10-0 shellacking...and continued with a 5-0 pounding but SFIAC all of sudden finds itself in 5th place after a 0-0 draw vs Club Marin Reserves, a 2-1 win vs Berenice while playing most of the 2nd half with 10men, and most recently a thrilling 2-1 victory over MCFC that included a 90’ minute game winning goal by Kyle Fisher.  And just like that the San Francisco Italian AC squad is in the upper half of the division, looking up at the 4th place standing which is only 3pts away.  During a postgame interview with Sports Director Leo Pierini, Kyle Fisher credited the teams win on its determination to prove the first two games were a fluke, “we know we are better than the first two results and have proved it over the last three games and will continue to prove it”.  With winds howling in the afternoon game, SFIAC found that proving “it” was not going to be easy, after taking the early lead in the 35’ minute on a near post goal by Alex Battlo assisted by Juan Puig Martinez, MCFC struck back with a long freekick that was poorly cleared and placed past the keeper for the 1-1 tie.  Coach & former SFIAC player, Marco Innocenti, reminded the squad to continue the attack, “move the ball left to right & right to left, use our speed and keep on shooting” he was overhead motivating at halftime.  But it would take all of the 45 minutes for SFIAC to earn the victory despite numerous opportunities.  After a long punt by Goalkeeper Mike and a hard fought corner by the Boys in Blue, Kyle Fisher took it in his own hands to put the game away, “I remember doing the same last year, with the wind in our favor I just wanted to hit it hard and towards the back post, you know just hope for the best”.  And the best did occur, after taking the corner with some right to left bend the ball curved from the center of the Penalty Box and into the side netting of the far post for the game winning goal.  Great win Azzurri!


Next up is 7th place SF Battery, who also are coming off back to back wins, at 9am Crocker Amazon Field #3 on Sunday 4/19/15, 9th placed United SC on Sunday 4/26/15 at 9am Franklin Square & 11th placed Melchester Rovers FC on Sunday 5/3/15 at Crocker Amazon Field #3.

Team History

The dream of establishing a great athletic and social club in our Italian community has its roots in the old Latin saying, “Mens Sana in Copore Sano” meaning. “A sound Mind in a Sound Body.”

The San Francisco Italian Athletic Club (SFIAC) is one of the oldest and charter members of the San Francisco Soccer Football League, which is the oldest league in the country, having been established in 1902. Although SFIAC has had numerous local championships over their long history they are most remembered for the glory days in the 1970's when many of the international players from USF's National Championship teams blessed the club with their athleticism.

Most note worthy was the team in 1976 which won the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the most prestigeous award won by any team in the country. This team included former Nigerian International Andy Atuegbu, John & Dave Fromer, and David Harvard who all still live locally in the Bay Area. But, as the years went on, and the club lost touch with their athletics the team ended up folding in 2003, until there was a revelation and a bit of a revolution in the club to return to athletics.

In 2009 SFIAC returned to the SFSFL almost five years after folding out of the Premier Division of the CPSA. When they came back they recruited Club Marin President Tighe O'Sullivan to coach and guide them back to the Premier and have two championships (2009 & 2010). With a new coaching regime lead by Marco Innocenti, SFIAC is only one step away from returning to the Premier.

  • 2009 - 2nd Division Champions
  • 2010 - 1st Division Champions
  • 2011 - Major Division 7th Place
  • 2012 - Major Division 9th Place
  • 2013 - Major Division 7th Place
  • 2014 - Major Division 6th Place


Team Recruiting

Posted : April 7th, 2015 Marco Innocenti

Looking for a skilled player, who has significant College or Premier League experience, to help lead SFIAC to the Premier League .  Contact Marco Innocenti for additional information.


SFIAC continues to try and build their team with their eye on the Premier Division, but they need talented experience to get there. You don't have to be Italian but you must hold yourself in high regard as a player and be willing to work/train like a Premier Team. With the lessons learned from 2014, the Azzurri's only goal is to make it back to the Premier League. If your interested in playing for SFIAC or scheduling a scrimmage please contact Marco Innocenti at 415.652.3166 or via email at minnocenti@xlconst.com


Team Schedule

Sun Feb. 8 1:00 Franklin Club Marin Reserves -- -- friendly rainout
Sun Feb. 15 11:00 Franklin SF Battery

league scheduled
Sun Mar. 8 12:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 SF City FC Black L 0-10 league scheduled
Sun Mar. 15 10:45 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Glens Reserves L 0-5 league scheduled
Sun Mar. 22 10:45 Franklin Club Marin Reserves D 0-0 league scheduled
Sun Mar. 29 9:00 Franklin Berenice W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Apr. 12 2:45 Crocker Amazon 3 MC FC W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Apr. 19 9:00 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Battery L 2-3 league scheduled
Sun Apr. 26 9:00 Franklin United SC L 1-2 league scheduled
Sun May. 3 2:45 Crocker Amazon 3 Melchester Rovers FC L 1-4 league scheduled
Sun May. 10 9:00 Crocker Amazon 3 Deportivo Cometa D 1-1 league scheduled
Sun May. 17 10:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 SF Celtic Reserves W 3-0 league scheduled
Sun May. 31 12:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 Olympic Club Reserves W 1-0 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 7 12:45 Crocker Amazon 2 SF City FC Black L 0-6 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 14 10:45 Crocker Amazon 2 SF Glens Reserves D 0-0 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 21 2:45 Crocker Amazon 2 Club Marin Reserves L 0-1 league scheduled
Sun Jun. 28 12:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 Berenice D 0-0 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 12 2:45 Crocker Amazon 3 MC FC W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 19 9:00 Crocker Amazon 3 SF Battery L 0-1 league scheduled
Sun Jul. 26 12:45 Crocker Amazon 2 United SC W 2-1 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 2 2:45 Crocker Amazon 3 Melchester Rovers FC W 4-1 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 9 9:00 Crocker Amazon 2 Deportivo Cometa L 5-6 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 16 12:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 SF Celtic Reserves W 3-1 league scheduled
Sun Aug. 23 10:45 Minnie & Lovie Ward 1 Olympic Club Reserves L 2-3 league scheduled
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Division Standings

Majors Division, 2015

SF City FC Black 22 17 4 1 0 83 30 53 52

SF Glens Reserves 22 14 5 3 0 71 24 47 45

Olympic Club Reserves 22 13 4 5 0 57 38 19 44

United SC 22 12 5 5 0 68 35 33 41

Club Marin Reserves 22 9 7 6 0 54 29 25 33

Berenice 22 10 9 3 0 42 45 -3 33

SF Battery 22 9 10 3 0 27 38 -11 30

Deportivo Cometa 22 9 11 2 0 33 55 -22 29

SFIAC 22 8 10 4 0 31 48 -17 28

MC FC 22 6 12 4 0 42 68 -26 22

Melchester Rovers FC 22 4 16 2 0 30 70 -40 14

SF Celtic Reserves 22 1 19 2 0 25 83 -58 5
Sorted by - Pts, GD, GF, GA