San Francisco Soccer Football League
Providing the highest level of men's semi-professional soccer in California since 1902

Field Directions

Beach Chalet - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA,

From 80 (East Bay):
  • Take 80 to SF (Bay Bridge)
  • After crossing the Bay Bridge, stay in the second lane from the right.
  • EXIT to the right on on "101 NORTH/GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE".
  • Get in the left lane and take "OCTAVIA BLVD/FELL STREET".
  • After 4 blocks, turn LEFT on FELL Street.
  • Stay in two left lanes.
  • Fell splits, when it runs into GG Park, follow the left fork.
  • Fell then turns into Lincoln Blvd.
  • Turn right into the park at 41st.
  • Turn left at first stop sign.
  • Fork right at next stop sign.
  • Go straight thru the next stop sign.
  • Entrance to the fields are on you left.
From 280 (northbound)
  • Follow signs to 1/Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Exit Brotherhood Way.
  • Turn right on Lake Merced.
  • Follow the road as it winds around the lake.
  • Road turns into Sunset Blvd.
  • Follow Sunset, straight into the park.
  • Turn left at stop sign (T-Junction).
  • Straight thru next stop sign.
  • Follow the road to the right, as it forks.
  • Straight thru the stop sign.
  • Field parking lot is on the left.
From Marin:
  • Take 1/Park Presidio south.
  • Right on Fulton.
  • Left on 47th.
  • Left at the stop sign.
  • Field parking lot in on the right.

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