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We hope you are well and that you and your family & friends are safe and ready for the holidays. 

It's been a very long time since we all last met since Covid-19 closed our league last spring. We're still shutdown but there is hope that we will once again be playing soccer in 2021. As soon as the league can start-up again, you'll be one of the first to know.

All the best, happy holidays, and stay safe.



Est. in 1902, SFSFL is the premier level, semi-pro soccer league that's won the US Open Cup four times and numerous National and State Cups.  Our mission is to build a pipeline of soccer players to live their dream and play at the highest level and competition.
We host 3 divisions, soccer fields and officials.
Becoming an SFSFL member is a way to gain access to U.S. Soccer & USASA Tournaments, professional tryouts, and make your dream a reality - the most diversified league US Soccer has to offer in northern California.  R
egister to play in our league by clicking the button. 

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In its Centennial Celebration, the United Soccer Federation honored SFSFL for contributing to the growth & promotion of soccer in the United States. In turn, the USASA adopted SFSFL as the home for Elite Premier Semi-Professional Soccer in California. SFSFL is 1 of only 11 elite leagues  across the country chosen by USASA as one of best organized soccer program that is designed to promote high level competition and sportsmanship for youths and adults while serving as a role model for its community and its youth players and leaders of tomorrow. As the NorCal Premier Soccer League, SFSFL provides leadership and valued programs, resources and service to support our member organizations, making "Soccer - your game for life." This didn't happen overnight! SFSFL Futbol Clubs have won the Donnelly Cup, Fricker Cup, California State Cup and Lamar Hunt US Open Cup - having their team's name engraved on the base of the Dewar Cup, the trophy which is displayed in the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

About USASA and the SFSFL

The United States Adult Soccer Association is the the body under US Soccer Federation and FIFA. Its mission is dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America. SFSFL enables our players to achieve their dream of playing at the highest level. It offers opportunity for our teams to compete locally, region-wide and nationally.

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MISSION: The mission of the San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL) is to: provide teams to compete in a semi-professional league; provide opportunities for individuals to develop into a first-class player, and foster and promote the sport of soccer in our community.

VISION & GOALS: SFSFL is home for your elite soccer experience played in your backyard. SFSFL enables our players to achieve their dream of playing at the highest level. We know this didn't happen overnight. Our club is made up of a variety of players, including current and post-collegiate athletes, national and international team players, former professionals, and premier club-level standouts with over 10 members having been inducted into the US Soccer Federation Hall of Fame. SFSFL operates under the U.S. Soccer tier-pyramid system and is committed to promoting the hotbed of soccer in San Francisco and its community. SFSFL provides high quality soccer from youth to adult level. Our expansion plan is to grow by strengthening our league annually and setting a footprint into new areas that does not currently have high-level soccer & at the same time provide services to our community. Become a FC supporter!!

VALUE & HISTORY: The San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL) humble beginnings began in 1902. A group of immigrants having crossed the Pacific Ocean in the 1880s wanted to start-up a social club as they set foot in San Francisco and in 1902, 8 clubs were form with names like: Pastimes, Barbarians, Oakland Hornets, Vampires, American-British Rifles, Independents, Albion Rovers and the Thistles FC. These clubs grew and set deep-roots in San Francisco, forming dynasty teams while making soccer history as chronicled in the local papers. As such, SFSFL players were known across the United States, the Olympics and CONCACAF and back home in the old land in pubs and neighborhoods which they once played. SFSFL members have been honored in the US Soccer and California Soccer Association-North Hall of Fame for their contribution to the game in America. During the 70’s thru the 90’s, SFSFL teams on 4 separate occasions won the US Lamar Open Cup; were runner-up on 2 occasions, with the last club team having made an historic run in the US Open Cup, having knocked out 3 MLS teams before losing the championship match on shootouts. The SFSFL became the league and supportive club to help launch professional soccer in San Francisco and semi-professional teams in the bay area. Our members are today's leaders in the soccer community. Today, SFSFL is headquartered in SF at the Verdi Club - a social club. Teams and clubs play semi-professional soccer every Sunday and still stay committed to its roots and community in San Francisco. Come join us!!

PLAYING ENVIRONMENT: With competitive entry costs and annual membership dues, SFSFL has an extremely competitive league structure which includes: unique team page for each member, state of the art fields, up to 12 teams per division, play up to 22 game, promotion/relegation, play-off rounds, championship event, top officiating crew at every game, field commissioners and play back-to-back matches with other divisional teams, divisional championship trophy and cash prize and opportunity to participate in state and national cup competitions.

BENEFITS: Our structure offers high-level competition; Clubs can be part of a national league framework incorporating all their adult competition needs; there is a manageable local geographic schedule; maximize travel flexibility; player registration via SFSFL Soccer's efficient online system; SFSFL has no franchise fees.

OUR STRENGTH: When you join and support our FC, you not only become a member of the league but your team/club also becomes a partner and family member of the longest established league in the country - working together to foster growth and development in the game we all love to play, watch and join.

Read a message from our President & enjoy our CENTENNIAL (1902-2002) HISTORY.



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SFSFL enables our players to achieve their dream of playing at the highest level. Our club is made up of a variety of players, including current and post-collegiate athletes, national and international team players, former professionals, and premier club-level standouts. We are always looking for high level, competitive players to join. If you played in college, semi-pro or professionally then reach out to us. Our matches are played on weekends.  Read our Brochure or SFSFL INFORMATION SHEET!!  

Joining SFSFL is easy. Simply complete the following steps:

  1. Register & fill out the SFSFL Team Application form and the California Soccer Association Team Form;
  2. Submit forms to SFSFL Office via email to president@sfsfl.com or pr.sfsfl@gmail.com or send your copy to SFSFL, 2424 Mariposa St., San Francisco, CA 94110
  3. Pay your league fee by registering online with Dwolla by contacting our treasurer@sfsfl.com to transfer funds;
  4. Register online: http://cnadult.sfsfl.affinitysoccer.com and begin to play.
  1. INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A TEAM - Go to Play in SFSFL page or search each individual team webpage or contact us at pr.sfsfl@gmail.com
  2. Want to form a new team for 2017, then contact us at pr.sfsfl@gmail.com

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Cal North Adult Registration Instructional Videos

Cal North Adult Team Captain Reg – English http://youtu.be/PC7SMf_f6Ws

Registracion Como Capitan Del Equipo – Spanish http://youtu.be/Yv8D_a7lCec


SFSFL is a non-profit entity leading youth and adult soccer statewide. The organization, part of US Soccer, US Youth & US Adult soccer joins over 100,000 youth players and over 10,000 adult players, thousands of coaches and volunteers. It provides services and support to 39 affiliate clubs, known as organizational members which our members provide and promote opportunities to its teenagers and young adults for over 113 years in San Francisco. Help improve our membership by serving and supporting our teams!! Our organization does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disability.

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Youth Partners


California Soccer Association

The San Francisco Soccer League is affiliated with FIFA, US Soccer and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).  SFSFL is also part of Region (IV), California Soccer Association North, a non-profit organization founded to promote and administer soccer in northern California. Our members compete in the US Cup, State to National tournaments and cup games.


Together with CSAN and USASA, San Francisco Soccer Football League provides and promotes opportunities to its teenagers and young adults for the past 115 years. Be proud supporting your local teams!! Read our Media Kit to reach your market!

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Contact SFSFL's President @ president@sfsfl.com or sfsflboard@gmail.com  Call the office at (415) 863-8892 or write to: SFSFL, Attn: President, 2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.  
Office Hours: Monday & Thursday Evening: 7:00pm or by appointment by calling (415) 863-8892.

Rainout Information

Regarding rainouts: the league policy is IF IN DOUBT, SHOW UP. I know this makes it hard for the 9am games, but until Park&Rec. changes their policies, there is little we can do. Also, all turf fields are open RAIN OR SHINE -- you will play in the rain!  SFR&P Rainouts

If you wish to call SF Park&Rec, their number is (415) 831-5510.

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