San Francisco Soccer Football League
Providing adult men's soccer in California since 1902



  • Our structure offers high-level competition.
  • Clubs can be part of a national league framework incorporating all their adult competition needs.
  • There is a manageable local geographic schedule.
  • Localized travel creates flexibility for midweek games.
  • No franchise fees.
  1. SFSFL reigns as the true champions-of-champions semi-professional league in northern California. Games designed to promote high level competition.
  2. Online registration and team payment.
  3. Teams comprised of players holding high-school, semi-professional, intercollegiate and professional status.
  4. Teams play at a nationally recognized premier level.
  5. A place to showcase players aspiring to play at a competitive level.
  6. League ownership comprised of its member teams.
  7. Extremely competitive league structure with promotional/relegation each season.
  8. Sunday match includes 3 officiating crew, Field Commissioners and allocated playing fields - you just come and play.
  9. Back-to-back divisional matches.
  10. Play up to 22 matches per season, upper division plays for play-off contention.
  11. Annual GALA night and AGM conferences, providing an evening of entertainment to its members.
  12. Team play to be promoted, win cash prize money per divisional champions and receive a permanent championship trophy.
  13. Receive full first and secondary Insurance coverage.
  14. U18 year old players allowed to play and develop their skills for collegiate or higher aspirations.
  15. SFSFL teams  are allowed to compete in US Open Cup, California State Cup and USASA Regional & National Open Cups.


Premiership:  Premiership matches are set at Boxer Stadium - a venue (75 x 115 yds) that housed international to semi-professional games since the 1950's. Teams play up to 6 months. Top 4 teams are seeded in the playoff rounds. Teams that make it thru the playoff rounds then play the Premier Championship match for the prestigious century crown. The winner holds the honor as Champions-of-Champions in the USASA Premier Elite Division. The winner of this division earns a permanent trophy, cash prize, and complimentary tickets to GALA NIGHT. 

Major: The Major Division matches are played on open turf fields. Teams in this division are past champions from the lower divisions and play up to 6 months. The top two-seeded teams in their brackets earn a berth to compete in the highest level of competition - Premiership Division. The winner of this division earns a permanent trophy, cash prize, and complimentary tickets to GALA NIGHT. 

First: The First Division matches are played on open turf fields. Teams compete for up to 6 months. The top seeded teams in the bracket earn a berth to play in the Major Division the following year. The winner of this division earns a permanent trophy, cash prize, and complimentary tickets to GALA NIGHT.

NEW TEAMS:  SFSFL hosts two AGM in December and February at Verdi Club. Teams must fill out forms and submit initial membership payment via Zelle to play in our league. For more information, contact the secretary1@sfsfl.com.


Joining the SFSFL is easy. Simply complete the following steps:

    1. Register & fill out the SFSFL Team Application form and the California Soccer Association Team Form;
    2. Submit forms to SFSFL Office via email to secretary1@sfsfl.com or send your copy to SFSFL, 2424 Mariposa St., San Francisco, CA 94110
    3. Pay your league fee by registering online with Zelle:  to transfer funds to treasurer@sfsfl.com or (415)939-2099;
    4. Register online: http://cnadult.sfsfl.affinitysoccer.com and begin to play.

INDIVIDUAL PLAYER LOOKING FOR A TEAM - contact us at secretary1@sfsfl.com 





To learn more about how to become a member of the San Francisco Soccer League,  contact SFSFL Secretary at secretary1@sfsfl.com or  President at president@sfsfl.com

Mon. & Thurs. 7:30pm ONLY by appointment.

Disciplinary Hearing
Contact:  cmejia1472@yahoo.com

2424 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Ph. (415) 990-5399




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