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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

College Program FAQ

Q. Does the League provide college opportunities?

Coach's License and Practice FAQ

Q. Does the League provide Coach's License Training?

  • In cooperation with CSAN, CYSA Director of Coaching has offered to conduct a clinic(s) for our members. You must have an E license before you can obtain a D license.  The E license course is a mandatory 18 hour clinic.  The course can be given in English or Spanish and would be conducted in your city or area.  The prerequisite we have is that you have a minimum of 15 participants for the course.

Q. Can a soccer player walk on to a team's practice?

  • Contact the team manager and ask when and where they offer practice.

Q. Can a youth soccer player walk on to a team's practice?

  • Contact the team manager and ask when and where they offer practice.

Q. How can I find a team to play on and/or form a team to play under the SFSFL?

Team Manager FAQ

Q. How do obtain permission to edit my team page?

  • You must have a league user account (if you don't, create one)
  • You must be listed on your team roster (see player registration below)
  • On the roster you must be set as a Team Manager (there can be more than one).
  • A current Team Manager should be able to set you as a Team Manager.
  • If your roster is empty or doesn't have a team manager, or you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask; contact iclarke@iclarke.net.

Q. How do I update my team page?

  • Log in to your league user account.
  • Navigate to your team page.
  • If you have Team Manager priveleges, you will see additional options in the navigation bar.
  • Click on Edit Page.
  • Complete the form and click submit.

 Q. How do I add players to my roster?

  • The player must create a user account.
  • After they login, they need to navigate to Players => Registration
  • They must complete the process, and select your team.
  • This puts them in a list of  'pending' players for your roster.
  • At this point the Team Manager should login.
  • Navigate to the Team Page.
  • Click on "Edit Roster" on the navigation bar.
  • On the next page, click on "Add Players".
  • On the next page, use the browser to locate the player of interest. Once found, check the box next to their name, and then click "Add to Roster".
  • Upon returning to your team page you will now see them on your roster.

Q. How do I record game scores and statistics?

  • Login to your team page.
  • On your team page home, you will see the schedule listed. Click on the link that appears under the status column (typically this will just list "league").
  • This will take you to a form where you can input all the game data.
  • Before you can record an individual statistic (goals, assists, yellow cards and red cards) the player must first be listed on the team roster (see adding players to roster - above)

Player FAQ

Q. I am on a team, but not listed on the team roster, what should I do?

  • Go to the player registration page (Player Info => Registration)
  • Follow the instructions on that page.
  • After completing the registration procedure inform your team manager and they will add you to the roster.

Note that this does NOT register you with CSAN! It only records your information for the website database. You will still need to registration with CSAN in order to get a player pass.

Red Card & Disciplinary Hearing FAQ

Q. What is the Procedure for Red Card Incidents?

  • Disciplinary Committee Hearings are held on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30pm.
  • Recommended that team manager and/or player attend the hearing.
  • Referee report and pass are obtained at 2424 Mariposa Street.
  • Minimum suspension for a red card is one game.
  • Player pass must be obtain from the league after suspension has been served.
  • Disciplinary Chair is Carlos Mejia (cmejia1472@yahoo.com)
  • Referee assault - report(s) automatically goes to CSAN.
  • Appeals: Player can appeal Disciplinary Committee decision to SFSFL Executive Board by paying fee and filing appeal with President in timely manner. 

Other Links



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Inside Soccer This site provides video examples and explanations of topics for all ages and all levels. This is a great resource for the coach looking for live video examples from some of the top clubs in the world which explain various technical, tactical, and physical aspects of the game of soccer.
World Class Coaching This is a great coaching resource to which coaches can subscribe online or through the mail to receive clear examples of written 90-minute sessions around all aspects of the game. Enrollment in this program also results in an online newsletter that comes to the subscriber on a regular basis.
National Soccer Coaches Association of America Enrollment in this organization provides a wealth of coaching information while also providing additional liability insurance for the youth coach. You can find all of these courses listed on this site and in surrounding areas. We suggest that all volunteer and professional coaches join this professional organization to continue their commitment to continuing education.

Youth Soccer Drills for Young Players These drills and games are provided by Jeff Pill, current US Women’s National Staff coach. These games cover all topics and ages with complete training sessions geared toward various topics for youth coaches.

Ask the Referee In an ongoing effort to educate all members of the youth community on the rules of the game, Ask the Ref is a website that provides access to a panel of referees for questions about interpretations of the Laws of the Game.

Soccer Learning Systems This is a valuable resource through which coaches can purchase training materials for all age and levels of players. Click on the above website to browse a number of different training materials for novice to experienced soccer coaches.

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