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Referee FAQ

Q. Why can’t I log on – who do I contact for help?
  • Be sure you are using the correct password (it is case sensitive)
  • If unsure of the password, use the “forgot password” link from the referee login screen, to have your password email to you
  • If still unable to gain access to an existing account, contact your referee assignor. They will be able to lookup your login information
Q. How do you log on and/or create my referee profile?
  • Go to: http://www.sfsfl.com/
  • Go to: Referee Info. and select "Referee"
  • Drop-down box: Type your First Name, Your Last Name
  • Type your password.
  • First time registratin users must click the New Registration box and click the Submit button and then update your profile.
Q. What information is necessary on my “Referee Profile”?
  • All information is pertinent otherwise you may not be paid nor receive games.
Q. Can I use a filter to request morning or afternoon matches only?
  • Go to your Profile and update your calender regarding your availability.
Q. Where do I view future games?
  • Under the “Current Season” menu, select “Schedule”. Click on the date to view specific games.
Q. Can I view other officials assignments?
  • Short answer is ‘yes’. Under the “Date” column, select a date from the pull-down menu. Alternatively you can go on this link: Current Schedule to view games.
Q. How do I make a request for open assignments?
  • Click on the “Request” button and select update status.
Q. Can I request an assignment?
  • Yes you may but the Assignor will review your request and determine if the game request is appropriate.
Q. When will I receive an assignment?
  • The assignor will email your assignments.
Q. What is the time-frame for accepting or declining assignments?
  • It is important to either accept or decline a match as soon as you receive your assignment. There are other officials as well as teams who depend on your services. Any delay in responding may cause you loss of any future assignments.
Q. Where do I find my records for past assignments and positions which I was assigned to?
  • Go to your “My Assignments” to view your past assignments.
Q. How do I post game results (score, red-cards, yellow-cads, etc.)
  • Browse to the referee page, under League Info => Referees
  • Login using your username/password.
  • After logging in, look under the tab My Assignments.
  • Click on the link "report" found under the column "REP." for the game you wish to record.
  • On the displayed form complete the information, and click Submit Changes.
Q. Who views the game report?
  • Teams and administrators can view your game report. So it is important that you are accurate in reporting your information.
Q. Are all the officials required to file a report or only the center official assigned to the match?
  • The center official is required to file his/her game report online.
Q. Where do I find how I am ranked?
  • Currently, SFSFL does not rank officials.
Q. Where can I find and keep track of my payment schedule?
  • Click on the "Referee Reports" link to view your payments.
Q. Who do I contact regarding my payments?
  • You contact the treasurer – Aram Kardzair @ treasurer@sfsfl.com . Please also make sure (a) your mailing address is correct and up-to-date under your Referee Profile, (b) you submitted your W-9 form and equally important, (c) your name is on the game card and spelled clearly. These are common reasons for delay of payment.
Q. Where do I locate the rain-out number?
  • Information regarding rain-out will either be emailed to you directly by the assignor or you can go online to see the latest update on www.sfsfl.com front page.


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